As Baby Louise in Gypsy, Hull Truck Theatre 2016

 2015 as Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone, Hull New Theatre

 As Heidi in The Pied Piper panto with Cave Players January 2015

 George Bolem Foods Christmas TV commercial 2014

The two sides of Victorian life. Francesca's Hologram images on the York Tourist App  2013/1014


These two pictures were taken when Francesca played the part of Marty in 'The Worst Thing About My Sister' The Trailer for Jaqueline Wilson's new book. Director Anna Lavelle January 2012

With the cast and some of the crew in London for the Moby music video 'The Day' in May 2011 director Shaft.

With her 'dad' on the set of 'What lies Behind' a short film in York November 2010               Director Oliver Cavender (See Show Reel)

On location for 'The Wall' in August 2010 a feature film by Farm Films. Directors Isabelle Rickits and James Walley.   

Being turned green for her part as a signing mute girl in 'The Pillowman' for Hanrick Theatre Company. May 2010  in Leeds.

On location for 'Benjamin' shot near York in May 2010 Director Rory Martinez.                                    

2016 Baby Bear in Panto, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

on the set of Miles Apart, filmed in Blackpool 2014 for Sixth Media, director Fazil Muhammed 

As Mrs Mayor in Seussical the Musical 2014 at RGA

 Ballet Dancer, Lead in Lidl commercial for Pride of Britain Awards, for Dene Films, director Mark Layburn, October 2012

At a beautiful location chosen for filming 'The hitchicker' near York in February/March 2012 for Steven Priest from University of York.

Rehearsed reading of Tim Etchings 'That Night Follos Day'  atThe Crucible, Sheffield's 40th birthday on 5th November 2011 

On the set of Dead Inside, where Francesca took a lead role for Safehouse Picture (UK) in July/August 2011

With the writer and director of 'That Night Follows Day' Tim Etchells,out side The Crucible in Sheffield. November 2011 

Francesca with her 'big sister' on the set of '99 Forever', a short film,for Goldilocks and Cupid, director Olivia young,Hull March 2011

Firm friends. Taken during the stock school for Primary Education for Ben Jacobson in February 2011 

On location for 'Playtime shot in Newcastle in March 2010.  Director Max Cooper. (See Show Reel)                                                   

 As Susan Waverley in White Christmas, Hull New Theatre 2015 

 Singing Naughty as Matilda in the Christmas Explosion at RGA 2014

 From the award winning film Moving on, Best Actor award at the 2014 Hollywood Women's Independent film festival.

Taken on location at Lake Windermere for short film 'Reflections' April 2012 

On the set of 'Things Beyond the Sun' staring in a short film for Stake productions in April 2011. Director Claire Molloy 

Chessinton World of Adventure TV commercial, shot on site in March 2011, aired March 2011 to date.  

With other 'Sewer Children' and Chitty in the National Tour of 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'  June 2010 in Hull. (2nd from right, front row)

On location for 'Crimson' in June 2010  shot in Norwich. Director Sophie Elliot. (See Show Reel)

On the set of 'The Retreat' a feature film by Safehouse Pictures Uk shot in Sheffield in May 2010 Director Damian Morter.

On the set of 'Shades of Grey'                      Shot  in Manchester in April/May 20210, Director Joseph Kennett.           

On location for 'Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush' shot in Leeds in May 2010 Director Terry Ashby. (See Show Reel)

On location for 'Myth', a feature film by Parallax Films, director John Aldridge. May 2010 in Manchester.

on Stage with 'Sid' from Cbeebies in Hull in January  2009                                                      

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