"Very animated and confident - great look - mature in her thoughts and processing, Very promising career. She is attentive and takes direction really well.
She has a lovely voice and inflection. She is very castable. [ ] she has it all - looks and talent."

David Feilding CD and Jane Sanger Lumino Films Ltd

"Francesca has been amazing to work with and I've gained a lot from working alongside her, she is a very talented young lady. Her acting has been superb throughout and the rest of the cast has told me how impressed they have been and how they loved working alongside her, as did we."

Callum Brown, producer on 'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown'

"We are so happy with what we got - Francesca was amazing and a pleasure to work with." 

Mat Johns, 'Radio Silence' Zero Facility Films


"Francesa was amazing to work with, she is a very talented girl!"

Director Charlotte Hobday 'Instinct'


 Francesca is incredibly talented and has a very professional grasp on acting for film”

Director Anna Lavelle, ‘The Worst Thing About My Sister’, Jacqueline Wilson book trailer.


"Francesca is a very talented young actress who expresses professionalism beyond her years, and brings a fresh, exciting outlook to the roles she plays. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her during the shoot for "Playtime" and I would without a doubt cast her again should a suitable role come up."

Producer Rachel Nesbit 'Playtime' for Moviemax productions 


She is an incredible little actor, and a workhorse on set! Couldn't have asked for a better star.”

"Francesca is a very bright little girl who understands any character she is given. I have worked with her on 3 occasions now and have found her to be really talented, and driven but also very fun to have on set. The last time I worked with her she had so much dialogue to learn, when she arrived on set she knew it off by heart and she was even helping her supporting actor with his dialogue as she knew that as well. I would recommend anyone to cast Francesca in their film she is such a pleasure to work with."

Director Claire Molloy, ‘Things Beyond The Sun’, ‘Little Bird’ and ‘A Summer Long Since Passed’ for Stake Productions


"Francesca is a real star in the making, i was amazed how natural and relaxed she is in front of the camera and has no problem delivering lines convincingly."

Director Joseph Kennett  'Shades of Grey' MMU


"Francesca is a very talented and focused little girl, who clearly adores performing, and who, most importantly, always carefully listens to and follows direction." 

Director Ben Jacobson, 'Stock videos, 'Primary Education'

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