Winner of a 'Best Actor' award at the 2014 Hollywood Women's independent film festival for the short film 'Moving On'

Lead role in the winner of 'Best British Drama' award at International film festival in 2015 for 'Miles Apart'

Francesca Marie Edwina TURTON         
Francesca is a young actress with experience in:

Film - feature and short, professional and student;

TV - factual entertainment, game show and commercial; 

Theatre - professional and amateur, straight and musicals. She has also undertaken rehearsed readings.

Other credits include music and book promotions and some photographic modelling.

She has undertaken several lead and supporting roles across the media and is an experienced voice over, ADR and dubbing artist. She is able to lip sync.

Francesca has also undertaken Green Screen filming. 

A versatile look, from school girl to sophisticated, girl next door to grungy.

Francesca is a member of Spotlight, view her profile by clicking on the logo below:

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Alternatively contact her agent Mondi Associates Ltd

phone: 07817133349

e.mail :

Unit 3O
Cooper House
2 Michael Road

Francesca is thirteen years old and lives with her mum and dad in a quiet rural Yorkshire village. 

Francesca got the acting bug soon after starting school when she began rehearsing for the Nativity at the age of 4 where she narrated much of the show herself and sang a solo. A few weeks later she sang two solos on stage at a local folk festival. Her passion has only grown since.

At her happiest and most relaxed on set or stage, she is not precocious or 'stagy' in the slightest and has made many lasting friendships amongst the cast and crew, children and adults alike. Her positive attitude and professionalism means she has been asked to appear in further projects by several of the directors she has worked with.

She takes LAMDA lessons and has gained DISTINCTIONs in her exams, gained a DISTINCTION in her Grade 5 in Musical Theatre with LCM and now 81% in her grade 6.

Francesca has many other hobbies too, including kayaking, fencing, horse riding, archery, gymnastics (grade 5), swimming (grade 3), dance (Ballet Grade 4, MT dance Grade 3, Freestyle Grade 2), reading, writing stories and playing the piano (Grade 3) and loves composing song on both piano and guitar. she is an awesome drum player and is currently teaching herself the ukulele! As a way of letting off steam Francesca likes to work out on her trapeze and creates sequences and routines.

An intelligent, artistic, inquisitive child,  when tested at the age of 7 she had a reading age of 14+, has a high IQ and learns lines, lyrics and direction very quickly. She is natural and confident in front of the camera, but quite shy away from it.  She can portray emotion and is able to improvise and cold read.

She loves animals of all kinds and has 3 pigmy goats, 4 chickens, 4 fantail doves, 4 fish, rabbit and 2 hamsters as pets and spends a lot of time with her sister's dog Dexter or on the farm next door. She spent some time on a sheep farm where she learned how to command the dog to round up the sheep and drive them into a pen!  Francesca has also taken part in several Zoo Lab activities where she handled snakes, rats, giant insects and reptiles, but refused to hold the terancula!  She now takes part in the WWF adoption scheme and uses part of her earnings to sponsor endangered animals.

Please feel free to look at Francesca's photographs, credits, performance photographs and show reels or read some of the comments directors have made about her.

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